Rag Dolls The Perfect Playmate

It might be hard to believe, but not too long ago, the most popular toys didn’t take batteries, didn’t giggle when tickled, or light up, or make laser noises. The most popular toys were handmade ones, like the rag doll.

Rag dolls were originally unblocked game 66 made from scraps of fabric left over from when clothing and bedding were made. They weren’t color coordinated, and rather than having long, luxurious, brush-able hair, they had a little mop of yarn, stitched X’s for eyes, and a yarn smile. And they were soft, cuddly and oh-so- huggable. The best thing about having one was that if she got torn or flat, mom (or whomever) could just cut open a seam, add more rags for stuffing and re-stitch…she was good as new. Now, they can be purchased, but still have the benefit of being easily repairable and wonderfully unique.

A Scary Maze Game could hear all of a child’s secrets at night, and during the day still have time to attend a fancy tea party in the back yard. This simple, home made play is something children of today don’t really have to do. Their dolls typically come with some type of play set, with their back story already created. Just pop in new batteries, and the toy will speak, so there is no reason for a child to animate it and create a voice just for that doll. This type of imagination play is almost becoming a lost art. Sure, most children are capable of creating their own stories and games with their toys, whether or not the toys are preprogrammed, but a lot of kids don’t do that as much as they used to.

Something simple and classic like a Mutilate A Doll 2 opens up play universes of all types, and they tend to last longer and be lower maintenance then their plastic, molded counterparts. A plastic doll with a cracked hand will always have a cracked hand. A rag doll with a torn hand can just get sewn back up. They are pretty hard to destroy. It won’t be the toy that breaks Christmas afternoon, just a few scant hours after the wrapping paper is torn off.

Perhaps the best thing about a rag doll is that it is timeless. A child who loves a rag doll will have that her forever, eventually storing it safely and lovingly for the time tunnel rush when she has her own child who needs a doll to love. Every adventure that a prepackaged molded doll can have is one that a rag doll can have too. However, instead of a mechanical voice crying “mommy” over and over, their voice can change with her mistress’ whim, and can say anything that the day’s adventure calls for.

The technologically advanced toys of today are wonderful, and they have their place in every toy chest. However, the simple, imagination fueled rag dolls of yesterday will always have a place in a child’s arms. Play¬†Scary Maze Game 1

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