How to Record on a Console

Way back in the ancient era of just a couple years ago, recording or broadcasting console gaming meant plugging your device into a capture card on your computer and using the same apps like OBS or XSplit that PCs use. If you’re using an older console like an Xbox 360 or PS3, that’s still your best bet, unfortunately.

Recording newer consoles, however, is much easier. Our sister site Kotaku has a lengthy guide specifically for recording, but here are the key steps for both consoles.

Xbox One

If you have a Kinect installed, you can start recording by saying “Xbox, start recording.” You can also use “Xbox, record that” to start a clip that includes the last 30 seconds of gameplay (thanks to a video buffer that the Xbox constantly keeps). If you don’t have a Kinect,

Follow these steps:

  • Double-tap the Xbox button.
  • Choose “Snap an app” and choose Game DVR.
  • When you’re ready to record, choose “Start recording.” This will record up to a five minute clip.
  • When you’re done recording, choose “Stop recording” from the same menu.
  • Select “Show my clips” to save the clips you want (otherwise they’ll be deleted automatically as you record more).

You can edit your clips in Microsoft’s Upload Studio if you want to adjust endpoints or string multiple videos together (which is particularly handy given the five minute limit). If you want to transfer the videos to your PC, you can install the OneDrive app on your Xbox, upload them to your storage, and access them on your computer.

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