How to Find Your Place in Life

How do you begin, how do you end? Does anyone know what a “place” in life really means?

Please respond to this article telling us what you think your place in life means, it could be just the right words at the right time for the right person in the right place in life.

As for the place in my life, in church on Sunday, listening to the pastor, he said “make your place in life”, what did he mean?

As a young girl learning about life I once ask my Mother, who am I, what will I be? My mother’s answer, “you will find your place in life.”

Right now, I’m sitting here listening to Craig Morgan sing “When I get where I’m going”, what a song, if you haven’t listened to it I would advise you to do so, but you have to listen, maybe twice!

It’s amazing how just at the right time the answer will be there, in front of you, just like the above mentioned song.

Sometimes I think I know the three “W’s”, who, what, where, who I am, what I am, where I am, other times I wonder.
Can anyone say they have not been there?

Let’s take it one at a time:

Who am I, well in my first life, I was born and raised a county girl in a small community in southern Kentucky. I was very blessed to have been born into a large and loving family. I attended the local grade and high school, then a year at the local college. I fell in love with a local boy, we were married in the church I had attended since my birth. My husband,my love of my life, and I began another life, a life that would be forever changing.

What am I:

I am an individual on earth looking for the same things you are.

Where am I:

I am at yet another place in life.

Webster’s definition of life, syn Biography, memoir, autobiography, confessions.

Webster’s definition of place, the portion of space occupied by or chosen for something syn position, location, situation, site, spot, station ref locality, vicinity, district: region, tract, area, zone: field, territory, province.

So, how do you find your place in life? My personal thought on this subject is, live life to the fullest. Along the way keep your eyes open so you can enjoy all life shows you, your ears open so you hear all the choices you will have and keep an open mind so you can learn all that life has to offer.

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