Best Product for Curly Hair: Looking at Shampoos

There are hundreds of haircare brands out there vying for our attention. Before we part with our money, let’s have a look at what makes a shampoo great. Can a shampoo be one of the best products for curly hair?

Haircare products for dry, brittle hair are formulated to combat frizz and dryness and to manage curls in a way that makes hair look lustrous and full-bodied. If a shampoo can do that for you, especially with natural ingredients, you may have found the perfect shampoo to tame frizz Product Talk Show

When looking for the best haircare products, be it the best shampoo, the best conditioner, or the best cream or gel, understanding why you have a specific hair type may help. Have you ever wondered why some people have straight hair and some don’t? There are different theories out there and no one seems to know for sure.

A popular theory posited by some experts is that the shape of our hair follicles affects the shape of our hair shaft, which in turn determines whether we have curly or straight hair. There might be some truth to this because if you look at hair under a microscope, straight hair is usually roundish whereas curly hair is more oval. So the shape of hair follicles can be what determines hair type.

Another group of experts propose a different explanation. They contend that genetic predispositions have more to do with it. So if your parents have a specific hair type, be it curly or straight, you’re more likely to have that hair type as well. There’s yet another explanation. This one suggests that the number of disulfide bonds between hair shaft and hair proteins is what determines whether a person has curly or straight hair.

In your search for the best product for curly hair, remember this: a good shampoo should have mainly organic ingredients. That is, the less harsh chemicals, the better. If you’re already struggling with dryness and brittleness, the last thing you need to torture your curls with is chemicals that can exacerbate the frizz. No wonder the best styling products are packed with natural nutrients that hydrate and replenish dry, frizzy hair with natural, organic compounds. So look for shampoos with natural compounds and organic extracts as the active ingredients.

For a ‘made for curly hair’ shampoo to be great, it has to work its magic on dry, frizzy and brittle hair. If you can find your personal favorite, your best shampoo for curly hair–that special product that cleanses and manages your hair like no other–you’ll have beautiful curls for the rest of your life.

Apart from your shampooing regimen, you should also consider using a leave-in deep conditioner once a week, and a light and oil-free gel or cream for more shine and volume. Managing your curls and getting that luscious gorgeous volume can be quite easy with your favorite brands, as long as you can find the best product for curly hair that’s best for you.

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