Art Desk

As children grow, one of the things that they want is to be more like the adults in their world. What could be better than to have a desk, an art desk where they can, in fact, sit and pretend to be at work or involved in grown-up type projects toys

When my oldest daughter was in the second grade, she had an assignment from school to write about one parent. She choose me to write about – what she said was that I was ‘all about school’ – I was either teaching or taking classes. What she wanted for her room was a desk where she could pretend to be at work; what she ended up doing with the desk was to turn it into an art desk.

Soon the desk was covered with paints and crayons and paper with wonderful colors all running together. I would have been happy to have bought her an art desk, had I just known. An art desk is one that is designed so that the top lifts up to form an elevated easel type surface. There is a place for paints and brushes. In some of the desks you can store paper as well.

An art desk does not need to be just for a young child; it can also be for the fledgling artist or architect. With the adjustable angle desk top, you will be amazed at the different view you get as opposed to a flat view perspective. By sitting at the desk as you draw or paint, your perspective is completely different than when you are standing.

There are many advantages of using an art desk – not to mention the glamour to the young of having their very own, dedicated desk. They can use the desk to write letters, to do homework, to use as a computer desk top as well as to create their art work. Working within their own space, children of all ages are more creative and imaginative. By being in control of their work area, they feel freer to spread their ingenious thoughts to a wider spectrum of the world as they see it, expressed nicely on an art desk.

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